Enjou Featured on Fox News & Fox Business!

On March 29th, Co-owner Mark Chinsky was interviewed at Enjou Chocolat in store by Madison Alworth for both Fox News & Fox Business live segments.  The purpose of the interview was to discuss the skyrocketing prices of Cocoa worldwide unfortunately causing the price of all products containing cocoa to go up.

The First segment was on the America's Newsroom show with Bill Hemmer and Dana Parino.

You can watch it here!
Cocoa prices surge to record levels | Fox News Video

The other segments on Fox Business, can be seen here:

Chocolatiers faced with cocoa supply crunch | Fox Business Video
Cocoa prices rising due to weak harvests in West Africa | Fox Business Video

At Enjou Chocolat, while we make some of the best tasting chocolate you can find anywhere according to our customers and our 4.9 Star Average Google Reviews, we still believe in full transparency with our customers to understand the conditions behind the scenes.  We know our amazing and loyal customers are with us for the long term and we will get through this together!