Enjou & Mark Chinsky were highlighted on Constant Contact's Marketing Podcast.

Mark Chinsky was interviewed by Dave Charest for Episode 60 of Constant Contact's popular podcast about being a Marketer.

The half hour long recording covered a variety of topics including some of Enjou's recent history and what we feel is a meaningful discussion around 'push marketing' and how you can use both Social Media and email marketing to stay in 'constant contact' with your customers and prospects  so that when they are ready to fill a need or desire, hopefully your product or service is on their mind.

We discuss a variety of topics such as not neglecting marketing during your slow periods or during tough economic times because that's the time that is the easiest and least expensive to reach your customers and prospects.

We also talk about automating various tasks as Mark's career background had mainly focused on the IT and business automation industry.

Take a listen here!:
#60 - Automating and Working With the Seasons With... - Constant Contact Community - 421516