Our Story...


Where it All Began...

Wendy Taffet, Founder of ENJOU Chocolat of Morristown, celebrated the 40th Anniversary of ENJOU in February of 2023.

Wendy’s journey to ENJOU began in an unusual place – Pharmacy School. Her first project in pharmacy school was to make chocolate syrup—which they used to mask the bitter taste of pharmaceuticals.

Wendy loved to cook and bake, but she also felt passionate about science. And the pharmaceutical industry carried over her ability to mix things into different creations, as she did in the kitchen. However, it wasn't her true destiny.
In the 1980s, Wendy stumbled upon Enjou, where the owner was looking to take someone under his wing and step back. She was fascinated by the process of making chocolates and saw limitless possibilities, so the man asked if she would work for him.

Wendy had a great job as a pharmacist for Warner-Lambert, which became part of Pfizer in 2000. But she offered to help out. Two weeks later, the owner told Taffet she should buy the store.

Forty years later, ENJOU has become a premier New Jersey Chocolatier, producing fine chocolates receiving national recognition.

In late 2022, Wendy brought on two partners, Rose Innella and Mark Chinsky to help her manage and grow the business to even greater heights.

As Managing Partner and Wholesale Director, Rose’s background in fine food and wine marketing and tasting is helping her to grow Enjou’s presence in premium regional retailers like Kings Supermarkets, Gary’s Wine & Spirits and flagship ShopRite stores. Allowing shoppers to realize that like coffee or wine, not all chocolate is the same and that there is a big difference between ‘national’ volume brands like Nestle & Hershey’s versus premium local products made in small batches with only the finest natural ingredients.

As Partner and Chief Technology Officer, Mark spent 35 years in the IT industry, with a specific focus on ERP solutions for distribution & manufacturing companies. This experience allows him to redesign the business processes, sales channels, automation and accounting of Enjou. This will allow the business to continue to grow while ensuring an efficient scalable environment when dealing with multiple sales channels such as a Retail Store, Specialty Resellers and now ecommerce along with significant seasonal fluctuations.

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